Clay Target Throwers

Clay Target Throwers

Champion® Super Sport™ HandClay target throwers can greatly increase your fun when you’re enjoying a day of shooting.  For those of you who can find a designated shooting area or an isolated area in the country, a clay target thrower can give you the opportunity to practice your shotgun skills on moving targets without the restrictions of a shooting range.

Do-All Outdoors Clay Target Thrower - Competitor TrapClay target throwers can be as inexpensive as a single hand thrower which will run about $15 or can run up to close to $900 dollars for a self-loader capable of throwing multiple targets.  The advantages to hand operated throwers is of course the cost.  The disadvantages to hand operated throwers is that one person must operate the thrower while other people shoot.  It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend and how intricate you want or need your clay target thrower to be.

Do-All Outdoors Clay Target Thrower - Clay Hawk Full Cock TrapClay target throwers add variety and a great deal of fun to a day of target shooting.  Mine is a hand operated thrower mounted to a bench that sits on the trailer ball on my truck.  The thrower can rotate on the trailer ball changing the angle at which targets are thrown.  While it is difficult to find an area where there is enough room and it is safe to throw crossing targets, it can be done.

Champion® Easy Bird™ Auto - FeedIf you have a shotgun and you want to spice up your target shooting, consider the purchase of a clay target thrower.

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